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Dance Floor Experiences Blueprint

Dance Floor Experiences Blueprint

The Ultimate resource for Dance Floors 

taste the full blueprint and get some tips on selling DFEs even before you pay a dime

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Why should you care about Dance Floors?

Many of your customers already book you to an event for Balloon Entertainment, Balloon Decor or even Strolling Magic. With the Dance Floor Experiences from Balloons, you will have an AMAZING new service to offer to them.

The end result of the DFE is that people talk about you. The Balloons MAKE the event and you can grow your business and improve your artistic skills faster with DFEB.


What is DFEB

The Dance Floor Experiences Blueprint is an online Video Course that you can access from your everywhere you go, that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know so that you can start selling DFEs much much faster.

In this 5 modules course, we teach you more than 20 hat designs, more than 30 headbands and bracelets, special tactics for enhancing the dance floor with games and special dances. Moreover – you will learn from both Keren Fridman Braha (CBA) and Zivi Kivi (CBA) how we handle the business side of things (marketing, sales and operations) so that you can avoid the mistakes we did during all of these years of selling DFEs.

DFEB – by Zivi Kivi and Keren Fridman Braha

Keren’s business does 20-40 DFEs every month. She has employees and a fleet of 3 vans. Keren: “Grow your business today. I will teach you how I did it!”

Zivi Kivi does about 12-15 DFEs every year and earns an extra income by providing premium services. ZK: “I just love being paid for practicing”

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“This is a great concept and it will be a terrific and valuable product. Of course you’re being professional about every step of its construction, that’s the Zivi Kivi way!”

06Scott Trip, Co-Host of the Balloon Blast Show

Ready to add a new income vector to your Balloon Business?

Don’t leave money on the table. Events with Dance Floors NEED you to know how to serve their guests with balloons.